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    The forum has grown, and we're almost at one hundred members in a fairly short period. Thank you for your contributions thus far. The administrators have come together and agreed on some basic rules to ensure the civility and smooth operation of the forum.

    • Keep discussions and disagreements civilized.
    • Undue foul language, excessive personal attacks, and unwarranted flaming is not permitted.
    • Do not spam posts or make a high amount of posts that do not add meaningfully to the topic.
    • Do not make posts that divert the topic or that have no relevance to the topic.
    • Do not make posts containing explicit or other inappropriate content without a clear label and a spoiler.
    • Explicit or inappropriate signatures or profile pictures are not permitted.
    • Respect the privacy of others. Do not post any personal information of any user, ever, and be cautious if you decide to post your own.
    • Advertising posts that are completely irrelevant to this forum or the threads will be deleted.
    • Spoilers of off-topic items such as books, movies, or shows must be clearly labeled and posted with a spoiler.
    • You are allowed to have only one account.
    • Do not “bump” old threads “for the lulz”. If you must bring up an old topic, only do so with a valid reason.
    • Keep thread titles as clear and concise as possible.
    • Do not start a thread in a section without it being relevant.
    Breaking these rules may result in a warning, revoking of privileges, account suspension, account ban, or any other disciplinary action(s) that a forum moderator deems appropriate.
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