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    This is to recreate the classic footballer in the game of banjo. These are my ideas for the concept.

    Q: Trick mode: Puts the ball directly behind the hero whilst the hero faces forward. Reduces speed to 100 when active. Can be activated without the ball (Toggle). Lasts 1 (?) second. (More details below)

    W: Kick: Normal Kick

    E: Sprint: Normal Sprint

    R: Sliding Tackle: Slides forward. Doing this move from behind will cause Roshan to smack you with a yellow card.

    Trick mode: In my eyes I wanted to fit in as many flashy skills as I could with the least amount of moves.
    Trick 1: Backheel. Let's the hero pass in any direction. Go into Trick Mode (Q) and Kick (W).
    Trick 2: Change in Pace: Sprints towards target direction. Removes 20% penalty from ball possession for half a second (?). Costs 10% (?) mana. Go into Trick Mode (Q) and Sprint (E) (it becomes a point target ability). This was my idea to condense almost all dribbling tricks into one move. (except feints).
    Trick 3: Rainbow Flick: Flicks ball overhead from behind him. Go into Trick mode (Q) and R (point target ability). Only works in directions where the hero need not turn much. (ie: forwards)
    Trick 3b. Overhead Bicycle Kick: The move antimage is doing on the loading screen. Do a Rainbow Flick and use Kick (W) straight afterwards.

    (?) -> subject to balancing.

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