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  1. Grammis New Member

    Apr 23, 2016
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    Monkey King


    Q: Charged shot.

    W: Charging pass.
    E: Sprint.
    R: Mischief.

    Charged shot is a more powerful shot than a normal pass. I don't know how powerful maybe like Invoker's Q but instant, I'm an artist not a game designer. Charged shot requires 4 charges, Monkey King receives a charge buff for each succesful pass he makes with his W. After 4 charges he receives a buff and is able to use his Q. If the ball is stolen from Monkey King while he is "charged" he loses the buff.

    I'm not sure if MK should lose all charges when losing the control of the ball and I'm not certain if he should receive a charge when he receives the ball as well.

    Mischief causes Monkey King to bounce off all shots similar to a goalpost or a wall.

    Mischief turns Monkey King into a log as a homage to this video

    EDIT: I've received some feedback regarding his W and that it's possible to "farm" charges by passing back and fourth between the gk and MK. To prevent this the Q and the W could be the same button. This would force Monkey King to shoot his charged shot if he had 4 charges. Unfortunately this also removes his ability to bait people he'll shoot with his Q only to juke the goalie and pass another player.
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