Ozil Origins [Unfinished]

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    Hey guys, don't have the time to finish this one so if someone wants to finish it off feel free. Let me know what you think though, unsure if it waffles on a bit much or not.

    “Get up man it’s 2 in the fuckin’ afternoon!” Dayne shouted as Ozil lay face down half on his mattress the other half on the hardwood floor, right click finger still twitching and still sound asleep. Dayne delivers a quick kick to Ozil’s hip (a little trick he’s perfected), this gets him up immediately. “Can you stop doing that…” he says sleepily as he trails off to catch a look at the soccer game going on in the park outside their place, “can you wake up in the morning?” “whatever… let’s get some breakfast.” “heh, breakfast”. With a quick hair rustle Ozil’s ready to go. Ignoring Dayne’s glare Ozil heads off. “You just get up then Ozil!?” Their mother says as they attempt to sneak out. Dayne responds “just grabbing some lunch mum!” Ozil ignores the question and rushes out the door. “I’m nothing like you guys… I swear I’m adopted” Ozil mutters, “ozil the alien…” says Dayne, under his breath.

    They head off to their favourite chicken shop through the park. As soon as the oval is in view Ozil can’t take his eyes off the soccer ball being kicked around. Dayne looks pleased. As they approach a stray kick sends the ball flying high towards a very pale skinned passerby’s head. Ozil acts with almost superhuman speed and dashes to kick the ball. “What did I just do…?” Ozil says, “shit man, that almost brained me!” the stranger says. At closer inspection his skin almost looked blue. “My name’s Aleeee, you can call me Alex” he said happily, “nice to meet you Alex” Dayne said “I think I recognise you, where have I seen you before?” he said with hesitation, Alex looked worried for a second, “b… b… l…?” Alex said with even more hesitation, “Oh shit, you’re that blue guy!”, Alex’s eyes widen “Shit you can see!?” he says with panic in his voice “I’ve gotta run home, I’ll see you at the league!”. Ozil is looking confused as ever “Alright… wtf is this league he was talking about?” “You’ll find out tonight” Dayne says with a wink. “Let’s grab the food”, “yeah…” Ozil says with a cautious look.

    Later that night Dayne and Ozil head into town for the mysterious “league”. “An internet cafe…? I like video games but why can’t we just play at home?” Ozil says as they enter the cafe, “I know a guy” Dayne says nonchalantly as he enters and immediately heads to a set of downward stairs near the back of the room. They start going down the first flight of stairs which leads to a door with an intercom, Dayne holds the button and says “exclamation mark jay”. The door opens immediately and the two head down an even longer flight of stairs.

    As they head down deeper and deeper they begin to hear strange sounds. They reach a large man in a locked, barred room equipped with a hole for exchanging money. “Haha, you got another tonight Dayne?” Dayne gives the man a mean look and hands him a form “Good luck tonight Caboose… you’ll need it” he gives Caboose a wink and a gesture towards Ozil. A hidden door opens up and reveals a huge caged indoor soccer arena, with 2 teams of 4 using all kinds of unique powers! Alex is there on one team his blue skin more obvious now and surging with electricity; he’s moving with incredible speed he steals the ball hands it off to this girl who seems to be able to constantly sprint and she kicks the ball super hard straight past their goalie. “That’s in for sure, what was that guy doing out so far?” Ozil says as their goalie runs so fast he breaks the sound barrier, snatches the ball and tosses it back in towards his teammate.

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