The Great Butt Passing of 2016

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    ... not like this, Bernie finds it through our entire team.

    7-8, we’re down but not out, with a quick hook from Caboose though they claim our ball but with quick thinking by Aleee he intercepts the pass and with nice momentum goes for the goal! Everyone's screaming in discord at this point “RUSH BANANA!”. Ozil’s not watching it goes in and he blows the dash. At this point we’re on top of the world, dash and hook down, ozil choking.

    8-8 we rush for the ball, Bernie on his nightstalker snatches it however and a quick 1 2 to ozil into the powershot and with us dreaming its just 1v1 Bernie vs Lollies. Lollies goes in for the pressure, Bernie sees this, spins him but Lollies is on the ball, he keeps his cool and backs off while following the ball, Bernie’s just as warm though and the mind games are going insane at this point, Bernie shoots up but Lollies dashes down.

    8-9 the ball is coming to us. Caboose has his hook now and throws it out immediately… “it’s theirs, we’re fucked” but no they fuck up! The lack of communication blows the hook as it runs into Bernie. Emma claims the ball and starts to spin through past Caboose and Bernie, I super sprint to the lower corner of the box, a quick pass and I have the ball! There is no slipping it past ozil though, he’s come way forward and I’m being pressured by NorH on the defending lina, he activated link! I had to think quick, I see a opening to Emma’s nightstalker. Bouncing it off the goalpost behind ozil it’s a direct hit and Emma quickly shoots it in!

    9-9 this is where the game really turns on… at this point the ball goes to their team. We decide we’re going to play defensively. I’m the first to pressure for the ball and hope for an intercept so I rush towards Caboose, I make a quick turn hoping he will attempt to spin it around me, faking him out but he expects it and remains on his course, out of sprint however he passes it off to Bernie our team is doubly marking him though so he's being cut off very quickly. The only option is passing it to the open. He does this and NorH on the lina activates link, it’s a free shot! Lollies is on the line, ready for anything. NorH goes for the middle! Straight at Lollies (bad move).

    Lollies the statue he is doesn’t even blow his dash and claims the ball! Our turn, Lollies knows we’ve gotta go all out, he uses the dash to get a nice powershot shooting me past NorH and a quick sprint gets me to the lower corner once again. The pressure is on now and I’m sweating bricks at this stage. No one is open I’m getting cut off quickly but I’ve held the ball long enough for my sprint to come off cooldown. I try something desperate, sprinting directly at the wall I bounce off and push Bernie away! I’m out in the open now but there’s too many players in front of the goal along with Lollies who has gone completely insane moving up to take the last goal himself!

    I see a clusterfuck of all 6 players in front of Ozil’s goal so I decide to pray to Dayne and throw it in, as I do this everyone reacts in their own way. Then the second it hits NorH (the slowest to react) the Butt pass begins! It goes through the train of people all the while Ozil’s going insane trying to compute the ending result of the ball. Somehow it ends all the way back to NorH who is spamming Ozil to pass it somewhere safe. Ozil’s no statue though and at this point has moved so the ball is heading straight for an own goal!

    Ozil though with his quick reactions dashes and saves the ball however the dash causes the ball to go back into the cluster and at this point I joined in. So all 8 players are trying to get the ball out by spamming what they can, Lollies decides to charge a powershot and somehow he’s the one with the ball! He wanted to aim for the goal but with everyone being pushed around now by Aleee’s storm spirit it hits the goal post and is headed for our own goal! Everyone’s watching and spamming “Good game!” or “Good game, Well played!” but it hits the post! It’s coming back and Ozil’s out of position! Everyone’s trying to grab it but no one can! Somehow Ozil can’t get to it! He’s trying to dash but it’s on cooldown! There was nothing he could do and its in!!! Everyone’s screaming, Ozil leaves the banjoball league and the world is thrown into turmoil.

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