Why there is no justification for handing me a season ban

Discussion in 'Warcraft Banjoball League' started by TrencH, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Hello folks,

    I understand many of you are upset over my mischievous behaviour. I understand some of you are taking this as an opportunity to better place yourselves for a ring this league. But I doubt any person can come up with a rational, well argued reason for banning me beyond 'omg, you smurfed, you need to be banned!'

    I will direct you to our rules, friends. The rules state the cases of cheating will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Nowhere does it suggest a ban. This means that if you want to ban me, you need to articulate a justification for why. Furthermore, the rules set out no procedure for how this decision is reached. If it's the LMs who decide this, I want to point out why this is problematic. My team has no LMs. Every other team has at least one LM. Three LMs are on Sleek's team, and two on Mets. How are we even going to pretend a decision to ban me for a season is impartial? It isn't.

    So now let me tell you why it is I should not be banned. Yes, smurfing is oh so terrible and despicable. But look at it in context- Jage was scheduled to play. He had only two of his starters. So, I logged on as Wifestealer and fucked around in a game he lost 13-6. My smurfing has had ZERO impact on this league. Banning me, on the other hand, will basically make this league a write off. Anybody who is interested in permanently banning me from this league has a vested interest in doing it to better their own team's position, and they need to provide reason for why they think a full season ban is justified.

    An appropriate punishment for me in this context would be a 1 match suspension, given I played ONE match that didn't even impact the outcome of the game. Anything else is blatantly disproportional. If you want to argue this will discourage other people from smurfing - there's no evidence of smurfing even being an issue. I understand how mad you all must be that I have somehow defrauded this league by participating in a 13-6 game where I gave up 3 free goals to the other team. But get a grip, please. This is banjoball, not the World Series. And again, the default stance isn't to ban me, it's to assess me on a case by case basis.

    tl;dr season ban is disproportional; 1 match ban is appropriate.
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    Nov 30, 2016
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    What Jim did was just stupid, but he is right that he did not impact the league whatsoever nor did he attempt to advantage his own team by using a smurf. There is absolutely no need to make use of a punishment that would do more harm than help. Yes jim deserves a punishment, but we should be smart about it. Just get rid of him for next league. He has successfully proven that he's an idiot who can't be trusted and maybe that way he will learn.

    Watch out for Discostealer next season...
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